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7pm - Dinner
8pm - Performances
9pm - Hang out and jam until event ends

We usually aim for 15-25 attendees for these intimate gatherings. How big is your living room or backyard? We'll promote the event and get people to RSVP, but also let us know if you plan to invite friends.


Can you give us an idea of what your kitchen is like? Do you have an oven, 4 burner stove, etc.?

Do you have any plates/bowls, pots, baking pans we can make use of? Do you have a food processor and/or blender?
(We have our own stuff, but this would still be helpful!)

Anything you would like to learn or types of food you're most interested in? Dietary needs?

Any fun foods you have in your pantry you would like for us to make use of?

Thank you so much! This will help us figure out how many folks we can feed and how to plan the menu :)